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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Popping the Baddies

One of Raylan Givens's gunfights from the first season of Justified.

I'm not sure how long this'll last, as such videos tend to be taken down. Even if they really work as advertising for the shows.

There's a good point in this one, though: Don't let the bad guys get too close.


Doug T. said...

That is one fine series. I often binge watched it.

James Storyteller Pritchett said...

Good tactics. Figure out which one was the most dangerous and take'em out. Shoulda dropped the second guy immediately. He still held a gun. Don't give'em a chance.That's for movies. Oh yeah, and television.

James Storyteller Pritchett said...

And damn did Raylen wear somne fine hats.

B said...

It were 'cause of you that I had to start watching that series.

BadTux said...

Yep. If what you have is a distance weapon, you're an idiot if you give up distance.