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Friday, March 9, 2018

She Can't Bring Herself to Denounce Nazis?

Actress [and Congressional Candidate] Stacey Dash said she’s “not here to judge” neo-Nazis in a bizarre defense of President Trump’s infamous response to the deadly Charlottesville rally last summer.
She apparently believes that some Nazis have "good hearts".

I'm sorry, but I'm pretty certain that this is a bright-line test: Nazis are not good people. A politician who can't bring herself to denounce Nazis is, frankly, clueless at best.


B said...

Yep, Nazis are on the wrong side of the line.

Having said that, Trump was correct: There was a lot of blame on BOTH sides of that asinine protest. The "Other Side" used tactics pretty much the same as the Nazis are accused of (but didn't (this time....yet have in the past)) and the only real significant difference is the label they use to describe themselves.

Comrade Misfit said...

Trump was wrong. It wasn't the counter-protesters who were firing guns. The counter-protesters didn't drive a car into the Nazis at Charlottesville.

bmq215 said...

Stacey wouldn't denounce the Nazis.

Trump wouldn't denounce the Nazis.

If you feel the need to append a defense to your statement of disapproval (especially one that boils down to "well other people are bad too") you probably wouldn't denounce them either. Because "I know they're wrong but they're on 'my side' so..." is the exact same thing that's driving them.

Deadstick said...

bmq: Speaking of Jeffress...

Dark Avenger said...

It wasn’t Jews carrying tiki torches chanting about replacing white people, B.

B said...

And it wasn't Nazis beating folks that day either.

It does appear that the dude that ran folks over simply panicked. We don't know one way or another. when a mob surrounds your car and threatens you, folks tend to panic.

When you get a mob threatening violence, what difference does their label make? Does it matter if it is one side offering death from a gun, or the other side offering to beat you to death with clubs? Both are deadly force.

Again, both sides came looking for a fight. Both sides got one. I really don't care what label you give them, they were both in the wrong.

Is "I know they're wrong but they're on 'my side' so..." Keeping you folks from denouncing the other side? I can't call either side "my side"...Neither one are mine. I denounce both.

CenterPuke88 said...

Er,. B., the dude accelerated INTO a crowd on the street from an area clear of a crowd. That's not panic, that's attempted vehicular homicide.

Dark Avenger said...


Witnesses, though, had no doubt. It was “absolutely intentional,” Matthew Korbon said as he watched victims being loaded into ambulances. He had been standing on the sidewalk when rallygoer James Alex Fields Jr. allegedly roared his Dodge Challenger at a crowd of pedestrians. Heather Heyer, 32, of Charlottesville was killed, and 19 others were injured. Korbon said he saw the driver plow into one group and reverse into another.. (Ed)

B, strike 2.

Nangleator said...

Even were both sides using the same tactics, even if no violence had taken place, one side is for genocide and fascism. The other side is against it. If you think both sides of THAT debate are equal, then your parents and schooling and society has let you down.

The New York Crank said...

I agree with Stacy Dash that Nazis have good hearts. And that could be a very good thing, too. Hundreds of innocent cardiac patients around the world are desperately waiting for heart transplants. It's a shame to see all those good hearts going to waste.

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank

dinthebeast said...

I was gonna say that, but TNYC beat me to it. Their hearts aren't the problem.

-Doug in Oakland

B said...

See, and we will never know, 'cause neither side can be truthful.

I do know that if I were to choose to run people down, it wouldn't be in a car of any kind, but rather a truck. More power and a better bumper. (Hint: I don't plan on mass slaughter anytime soon). Videos showed his car surrounded by people striking the car prior to his accelerating. I really don't know, nor do I care about his motivations for the murder of people. Had he not gone there to seek trouble, he'd not have found it. Had those other folks not protested in a violent manner, at a rally they KNEW was gonna be violent, they'd not have been injured or killed.

Prudent people stayed away from there.

Dark Avenger said...

Video recorded at the scene of the car crash shows a 2010 gray Dodge Challenger accelerating into crowds on a pedestrian mall, sending bodies flying — and then reversing at high speed, hitting yet more people. Witnesses said the street was filled with people opposed to the white nationalists who had come to town bearing Confederate flags and anti-Semitic epithets.


He drove onto a pedestrian mall for Christ’s sake. How was that due to people surrounding his car?

When you can stick to the facts of a case instead of moralizing against both sides, you might have a point, instead of “a plague on both your houses.”

Comrade Misfit said...

NYC, they have "useful" hearts.

As to the other point raised, it's reminiscent of denouncing the Klan for cross-burnings and lynchings while, at the same time, condemning civil-rights protesters for marching without a permit.

I'd think it would be a no-brainer to denounce Nazis (or the Klan) without engaging in a blatant display of "both-siderism", but that's just me.

B said...

Watch the video:

Notice the motorcycles and the fact that he rear ended another car that was also in the crowd....
No "Pedestrian Mall". I'm not sure where you get your talking points, but they seem to have a clash with the available evidence.

bmq215 said...

B, it's understandable that you're not too familiar with Charlottesville. The downtown area where the attack occurred is known as the "Downtown Mall". The east-west street (main st) and the inner portion of most north-south cross streets are pedestrian only. This is denoted by red brick instead of asphalt. You can see it here (toggle the satellite view on and off to see the brick/asphalt):


I can see where you're getting confused. He drove on a cross street (legal road) and through the pedestrians in the mall intersection (pedestrian mall). Your video shows pieces of this (00:37 to 00:42). A somewhat better perspective can be found in this video from about 00:40 to 1:10. This includes him reversing back through the protesters onto the completely clear street that he came from (violent footage warning, obvi):


I think you may not have done a very thorough scan of the available evidence before proceeding with your talking points.

B said...

Odd, that they allow motorcycles in a "pedestrian mall". And that he hit the ass end of another car in what you claim is a pedestrian mall before backing away.

You are right, I'm not familiar with Charleston. It could be that you are right, despite other reports or what you claim is conclusive video. I REALLY don't know either way. Nor, do I really care. He's been charged, and this will play out in court.

Either way, I still stand on my statement that both sides came looking for trouble. This does not excuse the car hit and run, nor does it excuse either side from their (very similar) tactics of violent intimidation.

bmq215 said...

B, please read for comprehension and understanding before replying.

I said "He drove on a cross street (legal road) and through the pedestrians in the mall intersection (pedestrian mall)." I guess you had trouble understanding that. I was trying to make it clear to you that he drove on a legal road.

It also happened to be through a pedestrian mall. The ass end of the other car he hit was traveling on the same legal street and had just transited the same intersection, albeit safely and without intent to kill.

You really are unable to utter a single statement condemning avowed Nazis or the killer without qualifying that other people are also bad, huh?

B said...

Nor, apparently, can you denounce the other protestors there. All you see is Nazis and so, apparently, the other sides actions are OK? Or is it just that you will attack anything I say?

I'll have to take your word for the traffic patterns in Charlotte.

Dark Avenger said...