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Friday, December 11, 2015

Trump Aspires to be a Dictator

For he sure seems to be unclear on the concept of "separation of powers":
Donald Trump announced Thursday that if elected president, he would sign an executive order to mandate the death penalty for convicted cop killers.
So he's willing to stomp all over the powers of the states to legislate punishments for state crimes, let alone that of Congress to set punishments for Federal crimes, and do it all by executive fiat?

Let's see the number of conservatives who speak out on this. After all, the Right has been bleating for seven years about President Obama's use of executive orders.

In the same speech, Trump pretty much endorsed furthering the transformation of police into paramilitaries. Which is about what one would expect from the Mussolini of Manhattan.

Meanwhile, The Donald all but accused the Canadien Usurper of cowardice:
Donald Trump turned his sights on fellow Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Friday morning after reports that Cruz questioned his "judgment."

Trump addressed the comments via Twitter, writing that Cruz "should not make statements behind closed doors to his bosses, he should bring them out in the open - more fun that way!"
Which is fair for Trump to do. Making snide comments behind closed doors and then issuing a non-denying denial is a dick move.


Anonymous said...

Nero or Caligula?

Comrade Misfit said...

Of the two, Caligula.

Probably more like Franco, though.

hans said...

Next time there's in incident like San Bernardino, when the next cop gets shot, Trump's positioned himself to cash in ['I told you so!]... Lately I’ve been seeing [Maddow, Salon, Alternet] punditry to the effect Trump couldn’t possibly want to be President, really, cuz it’s a tuff job – hey, it’s almost like working! – and uffdah, it’d be so much easier to just flip real estate, do them Big Deals. Try this little thought experiment: close your eyes and say to yourself ‘If I were President I’d do…’ and hold those thoughts… ‘The world would be so much better if only I was…’ and ‘If people would only do as I say, things would so much better’ … Then put yourself in Trump’s shoes – see that glimmering silver Winner’s Cup out there? Oh man, you can almost taste it… And, still pretending to be Trump, notice and reflect on the fact that right now, today, some 66,000,000 – Sixty-Six Million, fur fks sake – Americans of voting age think you ought to be The Man…