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Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Anti-Vaxxer Body Count

Here's where these anti-vaccination clowns have brought this country: Twice as many children are dying from diseases that can be prevented by vaccination than are dying from accidental gunshot wounds.

Speaking of anti-vaccine nonsense, this sign is in some airports:

We are not "this close" to ending polio. We might have been. Hell, it might have even been eradicated. But the fucking CIA used a vaccination campaign as a cover to try and find bin Ladin, the vaccine teams are being chased off or killed as suspected CIA spies and now polio is spreading again.

I've heard the Loyal Defenders of the CIA lament that "we never hear of their successes, only their failures". Other than the odd presidential assassination*, it sure seems that they have enough failures to fill up a large library. From the fucking up of Iran to being blindsided by one event after another, one has to wonder if we'd be better off razing the CIA's HQ in Langley and converting it to something more useful, such as a radioactive waste dump.
* Just kidding.


Anonymous said...

As I understand it, the CIA does reasonably well when they read normal news sources.

They mess up when they think they are the CIA.

D. (I don't feel like signing in right now.)

dbliss said...

More like three times: they're comparing 7y of vaccine-denier deaths to 10y of firearm deaths.