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Friday, October 18, 2013

Pervs With Badges

One, anyway:
A federal air marshal was arrested Thursday morning at Nashville International Airport after being caught taking multiple upskirt pictures of female passengers boarding a plane, police said.
Another passenger saw him doing it, grabbed the pervo's phone and gave it to a flight attendant.

Pervie the Cop was then arrested.

Serious question: Do Air Marshals actually do anything?


BadTux said...

Answer to question: Air marshals little as possible. They don't even help out if there is a disorderly passenger, unless the behavior of the passenger is a threat to the safety of the other travelers. The rationale is that terrorists could identify the air marshal that way and neutralize him prior to hijacking the plane.

That said, they do provide a certain deterrent effect since you never know which flights have air marshals on them or which "passenger" is actually an air marshal. But clearly we don't need *this* air marshal...

Jib Halyard said...

Air Marshalls command air forces. They really ought to be called Sky Marshalls.

Comrade Misfit said...

Wasn't the rank of "Sky Marshal" used in a couple of Heinlein's novels?