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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another Day, More NSA Fuckery Revealed

If you use any of the web-based email services, the NSA has collected your address book. They're not supposed to be doing that, so the NSA has their foreign partners do it and then pass the data back to the NSA.

Oh, the NSA says that it's not collecting stuff from American servers, but that's just quibbling bullshit. All of the big players in the cloud-computing game have overseas servers that mirror everything they have stateside. For the NSA to claim that they are not doing anything wrong is like a pickpocket claiming that he didn't pick your pocket because the edge of your wallet was sticking out of your trousers' pocket.*

For the NSA to claim that because they got the information from a server located in, say, Tokyo or Prague, they can assume that everyone who has a Gmail/Outlook/Yahoo/Facebook account is not an American citizen is a huge whopper of a lie.

James Sensenbrenner says that he wants to reform the Patriot Act to take away the NSA's power to stalk Americans. While that's a good idea, this most recent revelation shows that the NSA has no regard for the law. Emperor Alexander and his cabal of spies regard themselves as being above the law.
* The one funny thing is that the NSA says that it is being overwhelmed by spam. Finally, a use for that shit.


montag said...

I wonder if we can rickroll the NSA?

Comrade Misfit said...

One can only hope that's a good part of their work day.