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Friday, October 4, 2013

Because It's Friday

We'll end the logging miniseries with a Climax:

And from LRod, via e-mail:


LRod said...

Those were built in the town my mother is from, Corry, PA.

On the main drag into town (PA-77 from Spartansburg) a picture of a Climax is painted on the side of a building with text proclaiming Corry as their home. I have a photograph of it I wish I could post here.

ZJX, ORD, ZAU retired

Comrade Misfit said...

Scan it as a JPG or GIF and e-mail it to me. I'll post it!

Gary...a relative of Mister Tristan said...

I've ridden this line (The Durbin and Greenbriar Railraod), and one of the cool options they have is to reserve a "Castaway Caboose." They have 2 cabeese(?) outfitted like campers; they take you out to the end of the line, drop you, and come back for you the next day. It's pretty much wilderness along the Greenbriar River. Waaaay cool!