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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Rick-Less-Shaw

GM and Segway teamed up to produce this gizmo, a 2-seat Segway called a "PUMA".

So, in cities filled with careening taxicabs, buses, delivery trucks and latte-sipping, cell-phone-yakking, Blackberry-perusing SUV drivers, I submit that you would have to be some kind of grade-A moron to venture out on the streets in a motorized vehicle that could be squished as flat as a toaster (bagel type, not a cylon) between two real vehicles.

Well, look on the bright side: Add doors to it and it'll double as a coffin.


Phil said...

If one of these contraptions got broadsided at an intersection by a drunk driver running a red light, you'd have to look in the next county to find the wreckage.

Anonymous said...

Typical GM.