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Thursday, February 29, 2024

There Is a Reason Why Every Sentient Being on the Planet Despises Comcast (AKA Xfinity)

Their customer service people are liars. They'll make a deal with you, tell you what you are agreeing to, and then change the terms.

Or, even worse, they'll scrub all record of making such a deal. They'll tell you you're getting something and then take it back in the paperwork.

They are scum. Do they not see that their corporate assholishness is why cord-cutting is so popular?


Marc said...

I jumped to T-Mobile after my Century Link line was cut and getting service restored was not a priority. Same price, and I don’t have to worry about when a technician will be here. Corey Doctorow coined “enshitification” and that seems to be the business model of modern business.

Eck! said...

Verizon is not much better. Went roundy round with them last
summer as they kept upselling me and I kept after them to
the point their systems could not keep up.

We'd talk and arrive at a package I liked then they read back
something different or email something different and then we
go around again. I finally ended up telling them NO CABLE TV
(I was actually screaming!) and only 300Mb internet and the
phone, two trys later they got it right. Took a month and
then they were still a month behind as it was all in the
system and took week to ripple though their system. Never
seen a system so screwed up and terminally behind the times.

The online system was useless!

I think they all use the same call center people.


Stewart Dean said...

Verizon is the BEST!...of the bottom feeders.

JustMusing said...

Shitfinity sucks! I hate dealing with them. But......

My significant other of 47 years gets very anxious when I discuss cable cutting and show her ways to see all her programs for a lot less.

So not choosing that battle.

Comrade Misfit said...

JM, that’s a battle that I’m not fighting.