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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Hypocrites in Cassocks At Work

One afternoon in mid-December, Pope Francis had a meeting that wasn’t on his official agenda or otherwise recorded, that underscored the utter dysfunction of the Catholic Church’s response to the global clergy sex abuse scandal.

In the main reception room of the Vatican hotel where he lives, Francis met for more than an hour with a Spaniard who as a young seminarian was molested by his spiritual director.
While Francis’ decision to hear his story was laudable and pastorally sensitive, it was also evidence that the church’s in-house system to deal with abuse isn’t working — from the laws available to punish abusers to its policies for helping survivors. For every victim who has enough well-connected friends at the Vatican who can arrange a papal audience, countless others will never feel that the church cares for them or will provide them justice.

While the Catholic Church mostly turns its collective back on those who were molested and abused by priests and others, they manage to have some outrage left.

The funeral of a renowned transgender activist in a New York cathedral elicited a denunciation of the event by a senior church official, who called the Mass a scandal within one of the preeminent houses of worship in U.S. Catholicism.

On the one hand, they get upset by a transgendered woman having a funeral, but on the other hand, they shrug at the thousands upon thousands of people who were abused by priests, let alone those who were enslaved and brutalized by the Church for centuries, including up to very recently.

The RCC believes it has some sort of moral authority, which is laughable. They're not much different from the Nazis, in my eyes.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

One from the vaults

Something more recent

A teaser

Eck! said...

RCC, not moral authority, Moral turpitude.
The authority was abused and misused.
Trust was lost.
Evil is harm attributed to god in name be it real imagined.


Ten Bears said...

From throwing the priests and pedophiles out of the temple to smashing the money-changers' tables to admonishing his followers to don't be like the hypocrites who love to be seen: keep it in the closet, The Church is the Anti-Christ. The Church goes against everything Christ taught.

Upwards of thirty-five million First Americans were put to the sword in the name of the Catholic dog in what we today think of as “America” alone, a genocide of perhaps a hundred million Human Beings across the “western hemisphere”

Murdered about a half billion human beings around the world ...