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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Russia Continues Its Farce at Being a Democracy

Russian lawmakers Tuesday authorized President Vladimir Putin to use military force outside the country — a move that could presage a broader attack on Ukraine after the U.S. said an invasion was already underway there.

Russia long ago abandoned any claim to being a democratic state. It is a de facto dictatorship. If Putin wanted a law requiring Russian men to wear their underwear on the outside of their trousers, the Russian legislature would pass a law requiring it in a day, if not less.

At least China honestly admits to being a one-party state that is ruled by a man who is dictator for life.

As I have observed before, we have heard this tune played in Europe eighty-four years ago. The question is going to be whether or not we will have to endure the entire symphony with its fiery climax and its denoument of famine and devastation.

Putin denies that he wants to rebuild the Russian empire. Nobody outside of the borders of Russia, except maybe Tucker Carlson (and You Know Who), believes him. Not even Russia's erstwhile friends believe it, otherwise they would be clamoring to recognize Russia's aggression. They know that Putin's bombastic claims that "Ukraine is not a country" would apply equally well to them.

On another note, Israel seems to have been remarkably silent when it comes to the Russian's Ukrainian fuckery. They can hardly denounce the Russians for annexing neighboring territory without being condemned for naked hypocrisy. The Israelis have evidently been quietly working with the Russians in Syria, which would explain why Russia and Israel haven't gotten into shooting disputes there.

But as things continue to worsen in eastern Europe, Israel will have to pick a side. Whether they want to or not.


Ten Bears said...

I find it fascinating both are "nations" south of the water they are stealing. Crimea having been defacto annexed to Russia and ... ahhh, it has long been studiously ignored that the Syrian diaspora is rooted as deeply in drought as anything else.

Moot in the generally accepted vernacular, too little too late ...

dan gerene said...

TFG has already praised Putin for his actions.

Jesse said...

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. js