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Sunday, February 20, 2022


I have a suspicion that a Russian invasion of Ukraine won't be the cakewalk that people seem to be assuming that it will be.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

Syria has been there only testing ground.

dinthebeast said...

When has it ever been?

-Doug in Sugar Pine

w3ski said...

I understand Ukraine is supplied with the latest in anti-armor weapons and is even training its civilians in defense. I would not expect a cakewalk. Those Ukrainians are motivated.

Ten Bears said...

Couldn't possibly ask a chicken-hawk to put their ass on the line ...

Sikhandtake said...

Now that Russia has declared the two Ukrainian provinces to be independent countries, perhaps we should recognize Chechnya as an independent country as well? I seem to recall that Russia paid a pretty high price for disputing that, last time around.

Jesse said...

Lets hope. Doesn't look good right now.