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Friday, February 11, 2022

This Crisis Is Being Brought to You By the Letters "D", "J", and "T",

Iran could make enough material for nuclear bomb in “weeks” if the regime decides it wants one, top U.S. officials told senators today, showcasing just how much its breakout timeline has shrunk since the Trump administration withdrew from a key agreement four years ago.

The assessment, briefed to lawmakers in a classified setting Wednesday, is slightly more rosy than shorter breakout periods — such as three to four weeks — cited by other analysts and senators. But it still adds a sense of urgency to ongoing negotiations in Austria to bring Washington and Tehran back into an agreement resembling the abandoned 2015 Iran nuclear deal

There was a deal in place to prevent this. But the Putz of Plam Beach tore it up, because he was convinced that he alone could get a better deal.

Which he failed to do.

And now the Iranians are on the cusp of becoming a nuclear power.

Heckuvajob, Donnie.


B said...

like they would have adhered to any agreement.

Tod Germanica said...

Sure, everything tfg touches turns to shit. But really, Iran is a large regional power near other powers who have nukes already.
Its probably a good idea to develop them if you dont want your country overrun and destroyed by the US or your Mideast neighbor- see Iraq.
You notice we never invade, bomb, poison or generally fuck up countries with nukes, no matter how much the neocons, chickenhawks, the MIC or the blob are itching to. Like the Norks, or our pals the Pakistanis, or our best backstabbing buds the Israelis.
We only destroy smaller powers and none with nukes. And we still lose. Trump was right about that.
But losing and winning is never the point. The point is always the money to be made. Didn't matter one whit to Lockheed, Boeing or Raytheon that Vietnam killed 58,000 soldiers and we got overrun. Vast fortunes were made for the already rich and the 'defence' corps made big book despite us losing.
I wonder if anything at all would change in the Mideast if Tehran nuked Jerusalem and vice versa. Remember apartied Israel destroyed one nuke plant already in Iraq in 1981, Operation Opera, also known as Operation Babylon. I'd bet they'd bomb Iran's processing plant too if they can't convince the US to do in for them.
Why does this little tail always get to wag our big dog? What does the USA get out of the deal other than the USS Liberty, Jonathan Pollard and Netanyahu supporting trump's treason? I guess it's the christianists hoping for the Rapture or some religious bullshit. Only thing I can figure.

Comrade Misfit said...

B, well, we'll never know if they would have adhered to it or not.

A nuclear Iran will be Trump's legacy. Which will lead to other nations around Iran nuclearizing.

We've gone over 75 years without some idiot nuking somebody. My bet is that we won't make it to a full century.

Dark Avenger said...

B, they were adhering to it, and TFG, your Jesus on Earth, tore it up for no good reason at all. Trying to muscle out competitors only works in Mafia movies, but not in real life.

Ten Bears said...

Nuclear winter would be quicker than suffocating in our own flatulence ...