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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

Two BUFFs landing in a strong wind:

You'll get a little glimpse of the crosswind gear in action.

The pilots were earning their flight pay that day.


Glypto Dropem said...

All my grandparents lived in Chicopee, MA, but my maternal grandparents lived in Chicopee Falls and right in the flight path of the B-52's from Westover AFB. They flew 'round the clock during the Viet Nam and Cold Wars. The 99th Bombardment Wing was busy bombing Charlie, while SAC was using Westover as a major base of operations. They flew over Nana's house at full power from takeoff, and it was deafening at only a couple thousand feet up. As a kid, I never got tired of watching them with my hands over my ears. While inside, the whole house vibrated and the windows rattled.

While in basic training at Fort Dix, I got to see them at McGuire AFB, especially on Memorial Day weekend in 1981 when they held a huge airshow. Buff's doing their thing at low altitude was awesome. I was stuck on K.P., but the mess hall was across the road from McGuire's fence, so I had a great view.

My permanent duty station was Westover AFB. The B-52's were long gone, and I don't believe the C-5's were there yet, I only remember seeing C-130's.

gray fox said...

What are those puffs of what appears to be smoke they're emitting periodically?

Comrade Misfit said...

Maybe the Old NFO has an answer?

Old NFO said...

Nice video! The first acft was playing with the throttles, trying to stay 'on speed' for the approach. That was the 'puffs' you see. The second acft was much smoother on the throttles, so you didn't really see any 'puffs' from the exhaust. Looked like a nice little crosswind from the left (looking down the runway) and that's when swivel gear is REALLY nice to have!

gray fox said...

Ah. Thank you, Old NFO. Got it.

Old NFO said...

You are welcome Gray Fox.