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Monday, February 7, 2022

Ukraine Knows the Value of Russian Guarantees

In 1994, Ukraine, along with other former Soviet states, had a large number of nuclear weapons on its soil. The Ukranians gave hem all up, in exchange for security guarantes from Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom. Those contries pledged to respect the independence and sovereignity of Ukraine and to not use force or economic pressure against Ukraine.

We now see that Russia's pledges are worthless. They have been since 2014, when Russia invaded the Crimean Peninsula and sent its "little green men" into eastern Ukraine. Putin has tried to say that Russian guarantees were only operative if Ukraine was a prostrate nation that kowtowed to Holy Mother Russia on an hourly basis. Winston Churchill's old line about the Hun now applies to Russia.


dinthebeast said...

Sends a bad signal to aspiring nuclear powers, not that said signal wasn't already getting through to them.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Tod Germanica said...

Let's not forget how welcoming 'the Ukraine' was to invading nazi forces in 1940 before they revealed themselves as even more murderous than the Russian occupiers had been. The Russians remember and made them suffer more post 1945. And the hatred and oppression of Ukraine continues as Putin pipe dreams of a once and future mighty communist (only now turned fascist) empire. With an Italian sized economy. Better make it a quick little war, little Vlad. No dough in your corrupt banks for a long one.