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Monday, February 21, 2022

Russian Propaganda of Moscow Misha is Beyond Belief

Right. Russia never attacked anybody. I am reasonably certain that the Finns and the Poles would disagree with that. So would the Lithuanians, the Estonians, and the Latvians.

"Never" is a long time. Russia was an empire. They played the "Great Game" in the 19th Century with the Brits. The Russian Empire wasn't exactly formed by emissaries giving local lords and chieftains trays of pastries and satchels full of gold coins in exchange for them pledging fealty. Much of what was the Soviet Union was made up of countries that had been conquered and incorporated by the Russian Empire.

None of this is obscure shit. It doesn't take a master's degree in Russian history to know any of this.

But Moscow Misha is hoping that a large number of Americans are both ignorant and gullible, including many of the "news" hosts on the Murdoch Fascist Network.

Meanwhile, Ukranian weapons factories should be running 24/7. If there is any hint that Kalashnikov-USA has Russian ownership, it should be nationalized and set to making milspec AKs for export, until there is more than one rifle available for every Ukranian citizen above the age of fifteen.


B said...

I'd donate 2 or four of my AK-47's if there was some way to do so.

I'm assuming Ukraine still has large stocks of 7.62X39?

Stewart Dean said...

As a kid about 1964, I had the fortune to have a youth hostel trip of Scandinavia and Russia. Many interesting things in Russia. At that point they had no paper goods; only the "fancy" hotels for Westerners had toilet paper. The rest of the country used newspaper, which was mostly Pravda, Russian for Truth. Which meant that the country wiped its ass with the.......
We went in and out by train. On the way in, your luggage was searched, since you might be bringing in illicit things like books, but the train itself was not searched. ON the way out, the train was searched, but not your luggage. Oh the fraternal paradise.
Russia: if you think the self-inflicted wounds here in America are bad, what Russia has done to itself is so much worse.

Comrade Misfit said...

I don't have an AK (I live in a ban state), but I have a SKS and a goodly number of stripper clips.