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Monday, February 21, 2022

Bet Putin Misses His Man in Washington

Remember this?


dan gerene said...

Putin already had his strings attached it was only a matter of if his investment would pay off. Putin has more than likely cultivated a lot of politicians waiting to pull the strings and get them to dance to his tune. Like those who went to Moscow on the Fourth of July 2018.

Jesse said...

So Putin took Crimea when President Obama held office (before trump was on the scene). And now he's effectively separated the eastern Russian population dominate regions from Ukraine while Obama's Vice President Biden holds office.
And Trump is at fault...? Wow. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Comrade Misfit said...

The response to the invasion of the Crimean Peninsula should have been stronger. No quibble.

But it is a fact, Jesse, that the GOP was backing Ukraine until Trump neutered their stance.

Jesse said...

Well. I don't live in the states, so what the dems or repubs do is an american internal problem (except how it affects my country). I don't see the unity in Nato that some on the left proclaim is there. No one, absolutely no one in Western Europe wants to go "toe to toe with the Russkies" as Slim Pickens said in the famous movie.
I don't think the average American, or Canadian for that matter has forgotten last fall (though the msm has tried their best to shove it under the rug), they can clearly see that the elites don't send their own kids to all this conflicts. Ukraine may or may not be a 'democratic country', I mean the color revolution overthrew a 'democratically elected government', I see two ex-soviet corrupt states, pissed off at each other. With the US meddling (what else is new). Not part of nato, therefore not covered by the alliance, I also believe the recent entries into the alliance are going to revisit their devotion, seeing the weak US reaction and start to consider and maybe even make some new arrangement(s). Germany will continue to buy gas from Russia, France will continue to bluster and blather. But no one wants or seems to have the stomach for
high intensity warfare in the Ukraine.

Comrade Misfit said...

Wasn’t the guy who was overthrown in Ukraine the guy who took over after his predecessor was poisoned by the Russians?

Jesse said...

No argument from me, has there been any clean elections in either country since 1991? Who knows, but they know how to play the game (have there been any spotless clean elections in the US since 1991?). Two corrupt ex-soviet states, one of which (its documented) paying off politicians from every country they could for influence. The same one who has (unfortunately) put their trust and faith in someone from a different neighborhood, who's power doesn't quite project that far. I am hoping that the Ukraine people get through this.