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Monday, February 21, 2022


How goes it in your reality?


Mr XD said...

On my second cup-Sumatran Organic Fair Trade-BLACK. Yes, I am a coffee snob~~

Tod Germanica said...

Real good today, working on the 3rd cup, the French roast, while watching the morning cartoons on Toon in With Me, which I do every weekday. Later I plan to spend lots of loot that I got at my late dad's estate sale this last week- $900. Thanks daddy!

w3ski said...

The day is chill and gray, but the coffee is hot and strong. I may yet make it.

dinthebeast said...

It's supposed to snow again tomorrow. Almost all of the ice left over from the four feet of snow that fell in December has melted, and I only need to wear the spikes on my shoes to get from the driveway to the middle of the road where there isn't any ice.
Well, at least I have the spikes, and we do need the water...

-Doug in Sugar Pine

DTWND said...

Quit coffee when I retired in 2008. Have had less than 10 cups total since then. I sleep better and am not as quick to get upset with people as I once was. (Hard to believe, I know.) Just going by what the wife tells me.

ATCS (Ret)

Ten Bears said...

Chocolate. *3: Base a fairly inexpensive Mexican blend available at a few Stop $ Shops, with a half-teaspoon of a fairly expensive Mayan blend only available at the worst health food store I've ever been to in fifty years of going to health food stores, topped (today) with organic cocoa coconut ice-cream.

What!? Ten more years of climate chaos and only Jeff Bezos will afford coffee, or chocolate.

If I'm forced to live through the End Times I'm going to enjoy it ...

Jesse said...

Hahaha. Thx