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Thursday, February 3, 2022

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

DHS, more specifically, the goons at CPB and the Border Patrol[1] are developing robotic dogs for use on the border.

Right. Developing robotic dogs to hunt people. I am sure that will end well.

Have those idiots ever bothered to pick up a SF novel? Or seen some SF movies that touch on this subject?
[1] AKA the "Constitution-free cops".


Eck! said...

That should be what will likely go wrong...

The basic idea has practical use, primarily surveillance.
The problem is petty bureaucrats wanting more power might
try to use them as remote control apex predators.

That has lots of likely bad things to happen in it.

However we are nearing the age of robots and the tech
can strain morals and reason or bend it in unsavory ways.


JustMusing said...

Wait until one those metal quadrupeds gets bot-napped, reprogrammed, and sicced on the bot masters.

Program cancelled!