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Monday, February 28, 2022

Well, That's Unusual

Switzerland will adopt all the sanctions that the European Union has imposed on Russian people and companies and freeze their assets to punish the invasion of Ukraine, the government said in a sharp deviation from the country's traditional neutrality.

That's different. Usually, the Swiss take a stance that can be summed up as either "money talks" or "money has no conscience". For them to be choosing sides tells me something, but I'm not sure what.


Stewart Dean said...

And I bet there are a lot of accounts that are "lost" and that never try to find heirs and assignees. They let other people do the fraud and theft....and never ask where it came from. Third World coups must be a real winner when the assets lose their "owners"

dinthebeast said...

The news this morning is calling the unification of Europe in resistance to Putin a "self fulfilling prophesy" which seems a little high handed to me.
To me it seems more like what they call in motorcycle racing "target fixation", the phenomenon in which you ride exactly where you look, so you have to train yourself to look where you want to actually go and avoid staring at the holes and big rocks and such.

-Doug in Sugar Pine