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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Your Sunday Morning Turboprop Noise

Fairey Gannet:


seafury said...

Saw that at OSHKOSH back in the early 2000's IIRC. Currently based in New Holstein WI. The brits sure liked things complicated.

Ten Bears said...

That is one ugly airplane.

Sarah said...

Saw it at Oshkosh in 2014. What an absolute beast. Proof that given enough power anything will fly.

J4rh34d said...

Ten Bears, the Gannet had an uglier little brother, the Shorts Seamew, smothered at an early age.

Old NFO said...

Saw one down in Australia that was flyable at the Fleet Air Arm Museum. They jokingly called it the flying bumblebee... That complicated wing fold scares the hell out of me.

Tod Germanica said...

The wing fold action has an alien or praying mantis feel. That fat fuselage is so stuffed, whilst the driver sits tall-in-the-saddle with great visibility, Hellcat style. Must be noisy.

re the paragon said...

The Shorts Seamew looks like a Diamond DA 40 with a thyroid condition.

Brad_in_IL said...

@NFO .. don't recall where I saw/read it, but, one pilot pulled too many G's in this bird ... and ripped both outer wing panels clean off at the joints. Said pilot did manage to get the wounded duck back on terra firma. Safely.