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Monday, February 8, 2021

Modern Stupidity

A man was shot and killed in the parking lot of a Nashville business Friday night after a robbery "prank" for a YouTube channel went wrong, according to police.

When officers got to Urban Air in the city's Hermitage neighborhood about 9:20 p.m., they learned Timothy Wilks, 20, and a friend approached a group of people, including David Starnes Jr., with butcher knives as part of the prank.

Starnes, 23, told detectives he was unaware of the prank and shot Wilks in self-defense, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said Saturday in a statement.

Frankly, if I was prosecuting things, I'd push for felony murder charges against the "friend". Nobody should be put in the position of shooting someone in a self-defense situation that turns out to be a prank. The shooter is going to have to deal with this for the rest of his life, because some stupid punks wanted to make a prank video.

Less dangerous:

A Louisiana woman has sought medical treatment after mistakenly using Gorilla Glue spray adhesive in place of actual hair spray.

She's probably going to need to shave her head and get it over with.


Bryan said...

Roger that, that is a great glue for replacing the headliner in a car. That orange can with the gorilla is hard to miss.

J4rh34d said...

Her usual hair spray is "Got2B Glued" in a bright yellow can on an entirely,it is to be hoped, different aisle.
And with her possible litigation, because the warning label said to keep away from skin, eyes, and clothing, but no mention of hair, we can count on seeing yet more verbiage on the labels.
Do not eat or huff. Not a condiment.

The New York Crank said...

Unfortunately, the, uh, "victim" probably won't be able to shave her head, either. Once Gorilla Glue dries, it's pretty hard to cut through it with a razor. A jackhammer, maybe....

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank

Ten Bears said...

Gorilla glue ranks up there with hemp, I think, in the number of things that can be done with it (30,000+). I have built houses with it, just recently glued the sole of a workboot back in place with it, and the front fender of the my motorcycle ... that is a first, was not on my bingo card. Have to cut it off with one of those grinders used to remove bone-casts - you know: a diamond coated disc about two and a half inches across spinning at about three thousand revolution per minute, sounds like a dentist's drill, cut through steel.

Levity aside, the first exhibit is really bothersome. Heinlein wrote a short, The Year of the Jackpot, that first took me a while to find once I remembered it and two am having a helluva time bringing it forward to blogtopia, as the late great Skippy coined it. in a nutshell the human population on some level just lets their hair down, puts a finger to their lips and go awubba wubba wubba. People randomly just doing absolutely stupid shit for absolutely no good reason other than just doin' it. Often not even knowing why they're doing it, perhaps even unware at the time that they are. Only it isn't random, it's widespread but so odd, so peculiar, it doesn't ... click. There's no explanation for it.

That is worrisome.

Eck! said...

they will have to trim under the "cap" its been that way for a month.
THen likely a while with the smooth look until the scalp recovers.

file under fashion insanity.


Eck! said...

Heinlein fan also, and Year of The Jackpot is how I describe 2020 stating with chinese new year to this Chinese new year. I use Chinese new year as the start
of the spread as they like to travel to families and destinations for that two

Anywho yes it does describe the whole of the last year where normal people
went stark raving barking at the moon mad. Some already were and got even

FYI its on line and its fast read.