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Monday, February 22, 2021

Poison Gas as a Burglar Deterrent

No, this isn't a joke:

Something poisonous was found in an old safe a decade ago. Despite what the old articles say, the boobytraps in those safes were probably tear gas.

No way in hell anything like that would be installed today.


Antibubba said...

Today I learned that safe breakers are called "yeggmen". I wonder why?

Comrade Misfit said...

I'm not sure. A bit of searching mentioned that John Yegg was the alias of a hobo bank burglar. Yegg became the term for a safecracker that rode the rails. Yeggs preferred burglarizing post offices, because they weren't that secure and because if they were caught, Federal prisons were reputed to be more comfortable than state prisons.

Hobos pretty much faded away after the war. The economy was better and the trains became more dangerous to ride. Steam freight trains stopped every hundred miles or so for water and the big freight engines were slow (both making it easy to get on and off); diesels can go for very long distances and faster, too.