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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Covid Policy

Assume that person A went to an indoor restaurant or some party and contacted Covid.

Assume further that contact tracing showed that person B, who was following protocols, got Covid from person A.

Is there an argument to be made that person B should have the right to hold person A accountable for transmitting a loathesome disease?

Is there an argument to be made that, if person A gets Covid really badly, that they get triaged off to the side ("here's your morphine drip and a pulse monitor, we'll come in when it stops beeping")?

Right now, other than moral condmenation, there is no mechanism to hold people who spread the disease by their gross negligence. Maybe there should be. And maybe if there was, things might not be as bad as they've gotten.


Frank Wilhoit said...

In principle, the answers to your questions can be derived from the methods that were used to combat epidemics in the past.

In practice, much of what was possible then is not possible today. That fact, emerging over the span of a few awful days last spring, came on the whole as an unexpected as well as an unwelcome discovery. The debate over it has been voluminous but has shed no light on the true cause, which is the infantilization of the American people (other nations as well, of course; but, without apology, they go hang).

Ten Bears said...

I struggle with that every day, got nuthin' to do with the trump-flu. Those who do harm deserve harm, but who am I to say? Old Chinese proverb: before setting out on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. And as time passes the anticipation dulls.

I have wondered though, what happens if I punch some asshole in the stop $ shop for not wearing a mask, Castle Doctrine? Stand Your Ground? Though I admit that ... ahhh, emotion is the same one I experience when I see assholes preaching hate outside of a Planned Parenthood, or on the train. I know what I can do, the question is ... well, as you put it.

But that also goes back to my long standing position: the best way to deal with a bully is to punch their foking lights out. Sucker punch is best. Don't even let 'em see it comin'.

Eck! said...


Let the bully hit you first and deflect or absorb the blow, then mash
the dolt into the floor cracks.

To the onlookers it shows the bully is both weak and easily defeated.
If he doesn't swing hes a phony and coward.

The downside is you really do have to be able to beat him to a pulp.

Myself, I learned from my brothers and they were tough. They could
verbally reduce argumentative fools to wimpering piles.

Words can inflict wounds too. Some of the Cov-idiots need to be hurt.


B said...

Why is it that the first thing Leftists think of is punching someone in the face?

Childish, it is.

Ms Misfit makes a good point, however, except that if we go down that rabbit hole, then we should do so for ALL disease, not just Covid.

Dark Avenger said...

B, you should rent yourself as a movie house after the pandemic is over, you’re already displaying IMAX-levels of projection there.

Trump: ‘Knock the Crap Out’ of Protesters, I'll Pay Legal Fees

Donald Trump encouraged supporters to rough up potential protesters Monday at his final pre-Iowa caucus rally. "If you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them," Trump said after warning of possible rabble-rousers. "I'll pay the legal fees," he added. This came before Trump told the crowd that "You're going to say please please Mr. President, we're winning too much" and reminding the crowd that Vladimir Putin had called him a "genius."

That aged well, didn’t it?

This is for you, TB.

Ten Bears said...

LOL ~ That'll go in my wallet (because I know better than to put it in the back-window of the pickup, like those red NRA dots, right there where I'd rather not have a red dot) I've seen a 'conservative' version as we have all seen the 'liberal', but that's the best.

Because we're an aggressive, war-like species, *, at least that's what I invariably hear from your kind when you want to start another chicken-shit little war and I want to know why. I know a little bit about war. Do you?

Tax the rich, feed the poor; till there are no... poor no more

The New York Crank said...

If we're out to stop pandemic illness and deaths, the way to do so is to stop the spreaders before they can spread the disease, not after they have done so. I am less concerned with suing someone who may have give you COVID-19 (a difficult proposition to prove) than with arresting those who refuse to wear masks in public spaces. Or who refuse to get vaccinated for any reason other than medical. Take care of those two matters, and a post-fact lawsuit over an infection becomes unnecessary.

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank

Ten Bears said...

And I've told you ten or twelve times don't call me a damned 'liberal'. I am as 'conservative' as 'conservative' can get: conserving the future for all of our grandchildren, not just mine but yours' too, dumb *. I'm no 'leftie', am of the firm conviction there is a sizable if not vast majority of the population who are less than sufficiently evolved, are less than human, are animals, that constitute a clear and present danger to all of our grandkids' futures and need be eliminated. And if your goddamned Jesus ever crosses my path I'm gonna' bust him one in the mouth, and if he turns the other cheek I'll bust him one again.

Don't call me a liberal, I'm no lefty.

B said...

"I'm no lefty"

Ten Bears: Pull the other one, it's got bells.

Yer as liberal and Leftist as a person can be, at least as far as your comments show.

Why is it that all you can think of as a first repsonese is to puch someone in the mouth like a small boy who just learned to fight? (and hasn't gotten his ass beat yet).

It's a sign of immaturity.

Dark Avenger said...

You couldn’t say Boo to a goose, B.

dinthebeast said...

"Why is it that the first thing Leftists think of is punching someone in the face?"

It's not, B, some of us kick them in the nuts, but most of us just mock them for being so goddamn ridiculous and wrong.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Sikhandtake Rakhuvar said...

@ Ten Bears: I think mask wearing is this time and place's "Gom Jabbar" test.

@ all: I don't think automatic triage of anti-maskers is in order, but I DO think a quick scan of incoming patients' social media feed to see if they ARE of that sort would be in order -- but only when that hospital has been forced into "crisis care mode", and are being forced to pick who gets treatment already.