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Thursday, February 4, 2021

The Irony is Deep in This One

New York’s top police official responsible for combating workplace harassment was fired on Wednesday, three weeks after an internal investigation concluded that he wrote racist online rants targeting Black, Hispanic and Jewish people, police officials said.

The official, Deputy Inspector James F. Kobel, has denied wrongdoing. He was placed on modified duty when the departmental inquiry started in November and was suspended in January.
The inspector did not appear to present a defense, and a Police Department administrative judge, Jeff S. Adler, found him guilty of six charges, including lying to investigators, impeding the investigation and posting the racist remarks.

He also was convicted of wrongfully divulging department information on the message board and improperly using police equipment, including a cellphone.
Inspector Kobel joined the department in June 1992 and most recently oversaw the department’s Equal Employment Opportunity Division. He will keep his pension.

Yep, they really slapped his wrist, hard. But man, this guy being in charge of the EEO Division was akin to putting Jeffry Dahlmer in charge of protecting against cannibalism.


Ingersollman said...

Stunning hypocrisy. Even moreso, he will keep his pension. I am becoming more misanthropic by the day, it seems

Ten Bears said...

Didn't Boston's top cop - Tom Selleck? - have to step down after only a couple of weeks due to an undisclosed domestic incident twenty-some years ago? Or was it accusation and demand? Heard something out of the corner of my ear in WGH this morning but haven't had time to follow up.

Comrade Misfit said...

Ten Bears, yes, Dennis White.

Nangleator said...

Not too hard to believe that cop was actually the best man for the job from that entire force...

Stewart Dean said...

There seem to be a mort of people (many cops, much of the GOP, et al) that have lost their ability to sense irony...or to conceive that maybe, just maybe, L'etat c'est moi' does not apply to them. And then there's Trump, Marjorie Greene, Ted Cruz and that ilk: who the gods wish to destroy, they deliver into the 'leadership' of lunatics.