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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Apropos of Nothing in Particular


Ten Bears said...

Seems to be that kind of a day, lol, I just posted IN A GADDA DA VIDA

Tod Germanica said...

I was not aware Tony Joe White was white. Born in LA (Lower Alabama), gators there too.
Ten Bears, DJs loved that hit, plenty of time or a smoke or restroom break. Easy bassline too.

(~)\../(~) said...

Mom and Dad were very young deep-south newlyweds when Mom decided to show off her down-home culinary skills by frying up a mess of Poke Salad. Dad sampled it but, try as he might, he just couldn't get beyond that first fork full.

Mom mentioned the incident to her mom and was told that the green was poisonous if she hadn't boiled it and drained it three times before frying it up. It was a good thing that pops didn't politely choke it all down.

BTW, pops LOVED that Tony Joe White tune.

Ingersollman said...

I would've bet my paycheck that the singer of "Poke Salad Annie" was black. I would've lost. I love that song.