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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Yeah, Sure, It Was Just a Coincidence

Fox Corp’s Fox Business Network has canceled “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” a weekday program hosted by the business journalist and vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump, the company said on Friday.

News of the cancellation came one day after Dobbs, 75, was named as a defendant in a defamation lawsuit filed by voting machine maker Smartmatic, which argued that three Fox hosts, including Dobbs, falsely accused the company of helping to rig the election against Trump.

One of the other defendants was Fox News itself. Smartmatic is seeking $2.7 billion, which was probably enough to get that withered alter kocker who owns the company. This doesn't seem to be a lawsuit that is going to easily go away.

Meanwhile, noted rich lunatic Mike Lindell bought airtime on Trump TV OAN to run his three-hour alternative-reality propaganda screed claiming that Martians or the Centauri stole the election. The network ran a "Oh Lord, please don't sue us" disclaimer before it. As the linked story and others have noted, the disclaimer got more attention than the torrent of bullshit following it. Because the legal fact of the matter is that third-party advertising (which is what Lindell's screech-fest was) opens the people airing it to such lawsuits.

So, is OAN going to find itself being sued to the gills over this? If you were going to bet whether or not OAN is going to be sued for airing it, I'd not put serious money on "no", not without getting really good odds.


Tod Germanica said...

IANAL but 'you're firing' Dobbs won't decrease their exposure for litigation over lies and propaganda and slander committed for over four years. No sign of the two reputation damaged voting firms throwing in the towel or settling either. However the years of lies did pump up ratings from trump's weak minded cultists so Fux sure does have deep pockets to be emptied. After all, Fux was #1 for 'news' program for years. Now #3 and sinking fast. Since Q never showed and is now apparently on permanent golf vacation with the God Emperor (the Avignon pope) the mouth breathers and cousin fuckers are down in the mouth. It seems now that there won't be military tribunals, beheadings and bullets in the brains of Democratic officials after all the sweet talk from Q-trump and that has given the Trumpites such a yuge sad. Gosh, you sure hate to see it. \snark

Eck! said...

His special "Film" was so good that you can't find it on line.
Seems lies and woefully unsupportable theories get cut real
fast. He should stick to making pillows.

As to Q showing everything said supposedly applied to the end
of democrats but seems to apply more to the rethugs/Qthugs.
Then again its like fortune telling make it vague enough it
applies somewhere sometime.

Another one bites the dust, another one gone....


dinthebeast said...

'Bout time. Dobbs was a birther all those years ago, so it's not like nobody knew he was spewing vicious lies on the teevee machine. It's just that this time someone with the wherewithal to respond actually did.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Eck! said...

Oh yes, Smartmatic/Dominion may be the possessors of an over
priced pillow company if its CEO doesn't stop running his
very stupid mouth.

The general Faux News is doomed as they didn't know news
from the door slamming them in the face. Facts have to be
true and verifiable and theories have some horse sense to
them and not touted as truth or fact. Faux drifted off that
and risks losing a lot.

They need to stick to entertainment. These days that can
be hard to differentiate.