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Monday, February 1, 2021

Trump's Legal Strategy, Such As It Is

Trump is due to file a response to the impeachment charge on Tuesday but replaced his lead legal counsel over the weekend. ... Trump’s response to the charge likely will indicate whether he will continue to argue without merit that he lost the presidential election because of widespread voter fraud.

Trump, apparently, is determined to argue that the election was stolen from him, which in effect, is arguing that his coup attempt was justified.

I want to see that argument made by Trump during his trial. I want the fifty senators on the GOP side of the aisle to have to decide whether or not they are going to stand up for Trump or stand up for the Constitution. I want to to have to say whether or not they believe that trying to retain (or seize) power in a coup attmept is permissible.

I want those senators to have to vote whether or not the mob howling to stretch their necks on Jnuary 6th was acting lawfully or not.

My view is that everyone who supported Trump's self-coup has forfeited their moral right to be considered as a loyal American. They should all pack their shit up and move to a country where the governing principle is might makes right. Too bad for them that they'll have to learn Russian, Chinese, Burmese, Arabic or Farsi.


Eck! said...

Pick up the trash,
Throw out their asses.
They are on lists,
the, will not be missed.

Just could not go with, lock them up.


dinthebeast said...

At the very least we need to tie their votes to acquit around their necks and beat them with them in 2022.
I hold little if any hope of their response to the truth.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Sikhandtake Rakhuvar said...

"At the very least we need to tie their votes to acquit around their necks and beat them with them in 2022."

Doubly so for every R that votes against the Covid Relief Bill, particularly for those whom a majority of their constituents poll in favor. Go even further, mail summary plus full text of the bill to every registered Republican in their state/district. Too many R's get away with voting against their constituents' interests because said folk never become aware of how craven those alleged representatives have been.