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Thursday, February 11, 2021

The Saddest Thing About Trump

I've been aware of him for over thirty years. he always seemed to be a huckster, a con man. He would start businesses, cheat his partners, fleece the rubes, take out all the cash he can, and then the business would collapse. Trump Airlines, Trump's Atlantic City casino (being imploded this month), Trump steaks, Trump University, his run for the presidency in 2016... all cons.

But now it seems that he has become the most pitiful of con men: One who believes his own con.

On another note, I recently read The Cleveland Creep by Les Roberts. In the story, the protagonist remarks on someone who was wearing a long, solid red tie and muses that he must have been taking fashion tips from Donald Trump. The book was published in 2011.


Dark Avenger said...

“Hustlers of the world, there is one mark you cannot beat—-the one inside.”

Stewart Dean said...

A successful conman must always know when the scam is (about to be) blown and leave town ahead of the tar and feathers.

As Slippery Jim di Griz had it in the wonderful scifi classic, The Stainless Steel Rat:
It had been a good operation—and could have gone on for quite a while.

I stifled that train of thought before it started. One lesson that has to be remembered in my line of business is that when an operation is over it is OVER! The temptation to stay just one more day or to cash just one more check can be almost overwhelming, ah, how well I know. I also know that it is also the best way to get better acquainted with the police.

Turn your back and walk away — . And live to graft another day.

That's my motto and it's a good one. I got where I am because I stuck to it.

And daydreams aren't part of getting away from the police.

I pushed all thoughts from my mind as I reached the end of the aisle. The entire area outside must have been swarming with cops by this time and I had to move fast and make no mistakes.

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Ingersollman said...

Stewart Dean,
Ah, the inimitable Harry Harrison. Love it!

Stewart Dean said...

Of course, DJT is a brass-plated tin rat, one of those piece of junk windup toys you bought in the 5&Dime in the 50s with the label, Made in Occupied Japan.
The DJT tin rat is poorly made, noisy, doesn't do much (none of it good) and has exposed sharp edges that will cut you. It should be kept away from children, people with limited mental ability and those who watch Fox News...which sells them.

Tod Germanica said...

It tells you a lot about the GQP that they'd choose a person with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Trump has never helped anyone but himself, including his simple minded cultists. Except for the 1% bloated plutocrats who got yuge tax cuts, nothing went to the rank and file nazi-friendly Trumpites. He continues to fleece these mouth breathing, cousin fucking paste eaters and they eat it up with no end to the grift in sight. They will be emptying their bank accounts into the master con man's coffers through Deep Time and will be sending him money to his jail cell. The stupid runs bone deep in these misfits. They never learned that politics is about getting goods and service and a piece of the economy. 'White race' hatred and grievance and 'owning the libs' are their only policy. The Trumpite cultists got nothing for the four years their God Emperor ruled except reich-wing judges which they really care nothing about.
But they made anyone who has empathy or a conscience angry and sad (liberal Democrats) and that is really the only point. The party of Lincoln is now and, as far as I can tell will always remain, the party of Q-trump, racism, misogyny, sedition and treason with our adversary Russia. Trump was and remains the perfect symbol and perfect exploiter and chosen predator for these dimbulbs (excepting of course the 1%ers who benefit-including trump himself). Trump himself is only the symbol, the GQP voters, all our neighbors, are the problem. Trump is now Florida Man, deliquesing into an orange goo or paste as rising sea levels advance on the links but his cultists remain all in on their God Emperor. You have to say: sad.

Nebris said...

From the Dept of You Can't Make This Shit Up ...though it seems you can. 😛

Comrade Misfit said...

Nebris, holy shit!

DTWND said...

Nebris, that's some funny shit right there. That is, if millions of trump morons didn't actually believe it.


Antibubba said...

Nebris, I'm not convinced, at all, that that isn't anything but "provacateurs" piling on. It's funny shit no matter what.