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Monday, January 27, 2020

Shoah Day

75 years ago today, the Red Army overran Auschwitz. As noted, the old hatred of Jews is arising as the survivors die.

What gets me is how the Poles have embraced the Holocaust as their tragedy. Yes, it is true that Poland suffered greatly at the hands of both the Germans and the Russians. It, however, is also true that when Polish Jews returned to their homes, the Poles massacred them. When the Communists took over, antisemitism was state policy. Almost all of the Polish Jews who had survived Hitler's murderous regime emigrated to Israel, western Europe or the U.S.

The Poles would like everyone to forget all that.

Forgetting shit like that is not in the DNA of Jews.

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Anonymous said...

My hero Captain Witold Pilecki, was executed by a communist puppet government in Poland on May 25, 1948. The real Polish government was in exile in London, while the Soviet backed Commies were executing heroes as spies.

His body was believed to be unceremoniously dumped in an as yet unknown mass grave. I hope his remains are recovered and identified someday.