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Monday, April 2, 2018

Rounding Them Up Using Census Data

It has happened before. The Census Bureau provided what they call "microdata", which is to say, the names and addresses, of people of Japanese Ancestry so that the Secret Service could round them up during World War II.

In this case, "rounding them up" meant sending them to internment camps, which were a nice form of concentration camp.

These days, if you've ever used a credit card to buy stuff from Brownell's, Cheaper than Dirt or any other firearms-related business (or applied for a gun permit), your name is probably in some database of possible gunowners, anyway. Which DasGov can access with a lot less hassle than obtaining census data.

The American Community Survey asks a lot of very nosy questions, but nothing about guns. The Census Bureau bleats that they are strict guardians of your privacy, but they've shared that shit before and they can do it again.

The law requires that people answer the census. But since they haven't prosecuted anyone in decades for refusing to answer, you can draw your own conclusions.

1 comment:

dinthebeast said...

My dad showed me the internment camp at Tule Lake during a hunting trip in the early seventies. To me at the time, it looked like another potato barn, of which there are many around that area.

-Doug in Oakland