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Friday, January 6, 2017

Richard Fausset May Currently Be the Dumbest Reporter on the Planet

From his story in the NY Times:
What is the proper response to a president as polarizing as Mr. Trump? Should the office of the president be honored, no matter who fills it? Or should there be four years of pure rejection and defiance?

And if Mr. Trump’s opponents refuse to participate in his presidency, can critics on the right do the same thing to some other president-elect in the future?
Has he been in a coma since 2008? Did he sleep through the whole birther kerfuffle, which was co-oped by Trump in 2011?

You have to love the pure naïveté of people who are pretending that trenchant opposition to a president's polices has never happened before now.

And you have to wonder how they've ever managed to tie their shoes, feed themselves, or walk through a rainstorm without drowning.

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dinthebeast said...

Memory hole? What memory hole?

-Doug in Oakland