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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump: Not Just a Liar, But Delusional

One of Donald Trump’s first proposals as president is to help businesses by cutting regulations by 75 percent. Trump cited environmental regulations as an example during a meeting with business leaders, but claimed he was a “very big person” on the environment who has “received awards on the environment.”

Trump touted his alleged environmental accolades as early as 2011, when he said during a “Fox and Friends” interview, “I’ve received many, many environmental awards.” He repeatedly claimed this during the 2016 presidential campaign: “I’ve won many environmental awards, by the way. I’ve actually been called an environmentalist, if you can believe that.”

Are there any facts to support this claim to environmental fame?

The short answer is: No. Media outlets and environmental groups have tried to find evidence of this claim since 2011 but have come up short. We could not readily find references to Trump’s environmental awards in news coverage over the past 10 years. We checked with the Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund, the Environmental Defense Fund and the Sierra Club, and none had any record of Trump’s environmental awards.
Something is seriously wrong with President* Trump. He's not just bullshitting, he seems to live in some sort of altered reality that exists only in his own head.

At some point, one might wonder if the Fourth Section of the 25th Amendment may be invoked.


Anonymous said...

That dog won't hunt.

Nangleator said...

That part of the Constitution will be used only when the Republicans see a danger to his actions. A danger to THEIR interests, that is.

Stewart Dean said...

Another delusion is his assertion that he's of won the popular vote without it having been pushed to Hillary by 5 million illegal immigrant votes. He's even started a witch-hunt to prove it. But:
= There's never been factual proven :) substantial instance of voter fraud. One or two here or there, maybe as high as 10-15, but not even as high as the hundreds, much less millions. And IIRC, it's more often been the Right that's done it. Which is natural and righteous because they KNOW how an election is supposed to turn out...and have more often put their thumb on the scale
= Rhetorically, this is a proof by assertion. Not surprising, given that he thinks he sits on the Right Hand of God and is here to smite the sinners