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Friday, January 20, 2017

And So It Begins

More than two dozen Jewish community centers across the U.S. reported receiving false bomb threats on Wednesday. It's the second wave of bomb threats in two weeks: On Jan. 9, 16 community centers received threats in a single day.
Make no mistake: These neo-nazis who are doing this believe that they have the tacit backing of Donald Trump.

Trump can either squash these clowns like the vermin that they are or he owns it. A tepid "I disavow those people" is nothing more than a dog-whistle to them that He, Trump, approves.

If he doesn't squish them, this shit is only going to escalate.

"Every Jew a .22." was Meyer Kahane's slogan. He put it that way because it rhymed, "Member of the Tribe Get a .45" is kind of clunky. "Deal With Those Who Hate with a .38".... not bad, but not as catchy.

But I digress.

Time to cowboy up, people.


Anonymous said...

Almost without exception these turn out to be false flag operations.

Comrade Misfit said...

If you are seriously suggesting that the JCCs have called in bomb threats on themselves, then please prove your assertion.

B said...

Nope, sorry, I can't let this one pass. Until you can show me a single one that can be traced to a Trump Supporter, then you are merely imputing your own hatreds towards him and his supporters. These are almost always leftist (or, as pointed out above, "False Flag" actions.

I think yer gonna owe the Right folks an apology.

It is almost always your side that does shit like this.

Comrade Misfit said...

What, because your side would have actually planted bombs?

A bit too much conspiracy theory run amok in the replies, I suspect.

Tod Germanica said...

What leftists? There's no left left in the USA.

neal said...

People that are seeking Jews are probably not politically aligned except for mutual chips on the shoulders.

Of course, old chips are in play. Destroying Trump, or Russia, or anything else different will not matter.

I think sometimes certain ones should take their gripes higher instead of trying to spread it out.

Of course, that would be self sacrifice. Not so much scapegoating.

Probably a lesson for just about anyone willing to do it without broadcast.

B said...

'tis funny, you ask the first poster to prove his assertions.

But you can't hold yerself to that standard...

hans said...

I've seen a couple reports several Catholic schools got threats too... kind of fits with the old KKK

Might be hard work, but those calls can be traced and the shits who're pulling this need to be taken down hard - the same for the dimwits who did the trashing in D.C. today.

dinthebeast said...

No, you don't get to support these bozos into office and then run away from the damage it causes. All of this stuff has been right out in the open. Remember the "Jew-S-A" bozo? Have you ever heard of Breitbart, or what they do there? The same kind of lets-deny-reality racist and in particular anti-Semitic claptrap that gets a nonzero percentage of Trump supporters really excited. Their CEO is special advisor to Trump.
False flag? Really? As in Alex Jones false flag?
I bet that if it was your churches or schools getting the bomb threats you wouldn't be quite so cool with it.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

These clowns always accuse their opponents of what they are most guilty of themselves, They are great at playground politics, the "both sides do it" BS comes to mind. If anyone wants proof, there was Breitbart himself, now the fake news outlet that bears his name, FOX news, oh my brothers and sisters that list goes on.

The Other Anonymous

CenterPuke88 said...

Er, B...

1) You posited false flag, and mentioned "Trump Supporters". Problem, Comrade never suggested it was Trump supporters, but simply noted that the actions taken were in the style of the Alt-right.

2) You are outraged that Comrade suggested that bombs might be planted more often by the Alt-right/right wing types, something clearly seen in recent years.

3) The allegation you make is not supported, that is, there is no evidence that a significant minority, let alone a majority, of events like these are false claims, made by centrist or left wing supporters. While difffernet media outlets will focus on the occasional false allegation rather than the majority of the proven events, you should be able to differentiate between the rare occurance and the common.

4) No, when your lambs are being killed, you can reasonably consider dogs/wolves as the most likely attacker. Asking Trump to disavow this behavior is NOT unreasonable, because the optics matter, no matter who is doing this.

B said...

Except that you are blaming Trump when, as far as I can see, he has no connection to this.

Or, at best, claiming he must disavow this. Why not ask Hillary and Barry to disavow such behavior as well.

'Tis you who are conflating violence (perceived or otherwise) against Jews with Trump (or trump supporters)

B said...

BTW, when are you folks gonna call for Hillary and Barry and all the other leftists to denounce the anarchists who are tearing up cities....breaking windows and burning cars and such "Because Trump".

If you "don't squish them it's gonna escalate".....

Just sayin'

CenterPuke88 said...

That's funny, B, because those anarchists ( been doing this for some years now) have been repeatedly denounced by Obama and Hillary...Trump's team just says it's democrats, without offering any evidence and against Fox News' own video.

Comrade Misfit said...

B, those clowns who were trashing shit got arrested and charged with felonies. The ones who called in bomb threats........

Your guy has the levers of power.

But I was a bit surprised, for I was wondering if he'd use some trumped-up excuse about security to order the cancellation of the demonstration.