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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

Departures from O'Hare, about 38 years ago:


BOB PAGE said...

Ahhh... the good ol'days when you could park beside the road and watch (as well as photograph) the miracle of aviation without being suspected of plotting acts of terrorism.

Also, the paint jobs on the airplanes were much better looking then.

LRod said...

Nothing like a United departure rush when ORD was United's airport.

Nice to see North Central represented (especially the Convair 580--250 knot airplane sequenced nicely in with the jets). I think they were folded into Republic which was acquired, I think, by USAir.

United was practically the only carrier flying 737s at the time. Other airlines didn't want to pay for a three man cockpit (the originals included a flight engineer). Sales lagged until Boeing re-engineered the aircraft, putting in a glass, two man deck and hanging CFM 56es off the wings. The ones shown had the cigar tube engines. Both very distinctive from one another, and in the case of the GEs, unlike any other aircraft.

I was there. Not specifically at ORD (I did my turn in the box in '73, although I had a return engagement as an advisor in '88). But I spent nearly 25 years between '73 and '97 out at the center, working every one of the airplanes you see here at one time or another. I may have worked some of them that day.

As I posted somewhere else, "you can take the boy out of ATC, but you can't take ATC out of the boy. I've been retired > 19 years, and I still live it a little every day."

ZJX, ORD, ZAU retired