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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Inheriting Several Billion Dollars Doesn't Make One Immune from Idiocy

President-elect Donald Trump's nominee for education secretary told lawmakers at her confirmation hearing that guns might have a place in schools due to the threat from grizzly bears.
I'm not going to do any research, but I'd be very much surprised if the number of incidents of grizzly bears attacking schools over the last decade is somewhere between 0 and √-2.

Unlike a few other nominees, DeVos also pledged unthinking allegiance to His Fraudulency: "I will support what the president-elect does."

DeVos and Trump are a bit interesting on one regard. DeVos's family has poured $200+ million into the GOP. Apparently, they've concluded that buying politicians doesn't work, so they're just going to run things directly, since they've already paid for it.

Also note that she had Traitor Joe introduce her. So there's yet another washed-up tool who's apparently quietly angling to get onto the Grifter's payroll.


CenterPuke88 said...

So the school has a "grizzly proof" fence. Then why isn't she demanding the school buses have armed coachmen riding shotgun? If the grizzlies can't get in, surely they've figured the meat snacks inside go in and out of a gate in that fence twice daily.

dinthebeast said...

Princess Sparkle Pony tweeted the following: "I never got attacked by a bear in school, and I was BEGGING for it."
No word on whether Betsy thinks shooting that specie of bear is a good idea also.

-Doug in Oakland