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Monday, January 30, 2017

Mosque Fires: Once is Happenstance, Twice is Coincidence

Victoria, Texas and Hudson Bend, Texas.

(Before you ask, the two towns are over 100 miles apart, so it's not the same fire reported twice.)


Aaron said...

Will thrice be green-on-green action like it was for the last mosque fire in Texas?


As an aside at least one of the fires you've noted sounds like a criminal covering their tracks after robbing the place.

Comrade Misfit said...



You're going to cite Steve Bannon's neo-nazi palace of propaganda to me?

Slybrarian said...

Given the terrorist attack on a mosque in Quebec by a Trump and Le Pen fan, I'd say we've hit three time already.

B said...

Just cause it is from Breitbart doesn't make it untrue.

Facts are facts. Just because CNN won't report it doesn't change the facts.

Bias, and all that. I'd use another word, but you asked me not to.

Reality. Stay in touching distance of reality. Dude confessed. Sorry it doesn't fit the narrative.

The other one looks like arson though, so who knows?

If they can prove who did it, they should be charged jailed and tossed in prison, be they white, arabic, or otherwise.
Arson is arson.