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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Major Trumpanzee Hedges His Bets

Peter Thiel has allegedly purchased New Zealand citizenship.

In order to become a citizen of New Zealand, you're supposed to live there for five years.
Requirements for a Grant of New Zealand Citizenship

You can get New Zealand citizenship by grant if:

Guess you can buy anything, anywhere. Given Trump's infatuation with Russia, one might wonder why Thiel didn't get a passport from there, as well.

Going to be interesting if Californians will overlook Theil's apparent lack of faith in the United States. He may be a triple citizen, as he would hold birthright citizenship from Germany, where he may return in the service of Trump. On the other hand, Der Governator retained his Austrian citizenship, which required a special exemption, as Austria doesn't hold with dual citizenship.

1 comment:

dinthebeast said...

We do have an awful, awful record of electing creeps to the governors mansion, but I would hope that even after Arnie and Ronnie we wouldn't sit still for someone whose stated belief is that democracy became impossible after women got the right to vote.
I didn't think prop 8 would pass either, though, so who knows?

-Doug in Oakland