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Saturday, January 21, 2017

More "Compare the Crowd" Photos

The Inauguration yesterday:

The protest march today:

Guesstimates are that twice as many people showed up for the protest march as did for Trump's inauguration.

His Fraudulency has quintupled the estimate for his crowd, because he is, after all, an internationally-ranked expert in estimating crowd sizes.

One demonstrator in NC:

Trump seemed happy last night:

They set the tone of the Trump Administration with a bit of intellectual property theft.


montag said...

I fear we must get used to that face. When he is not posturing in front of his beer hall crowds that is his standard.

dinthebeast said...

Spicer just lied. Straight up lied. Ari Fleischer said "This is called a statement you're told to make by the President. And you know the President is watching."
At least this lie was only about the size of a crowd. What do we do when they start talking about war and Russia and healthcare?

-Doug in Oakland

B said...

Via CNN:

The Gigapixel shows a different view than the sparsely filled photo.


I don't think there were near the numbers Barry had, but it wasn't as poorly attended as the Media is trying to make out with their pictures either.

Reality, folks. On both sides.

BadTux said...

I think it's just hilarious how Donald Trump got so upset when reporters reported on the small size of his ... crowds. I know that many men his age are insecure about the fact that they need ... medicinal help ... to make their ... crowds ... big, and they spend a lot of time boasting to people about the size of their ... crowds ..., but this is ridiculous. Actually *paying* someone to go out there and boast about the size of his ... crowds? Wow! Talk about your presstitutes!

Based on the MTA stats and some extrapolation from Obama's first inauguration where 1.6 million people attended, it appears that there was about 800,000 people out there. Not bad for a day that was rainy, but certainly not the biggest crowd to ever attend an inauguration.

bmq215 said...

Actually, B, I'd say that Gigapixel view looks very similar to that sparse photo. Sure, it's shot from the exact opposite perspective and from the densest portion of the crowd, but you can see the "holes" in the area leading back toward the Washington monument. They look smaller when viewed from the lower angle "through" the crowd but the distribution is exactly the same (right side of the Gigapixel image, left in the highly distributed shot).

Yes, it's probably the worst vantage point for Trump but it's useful for comparison because the exact same webcam had the same view of Obama's inauguration. Showing pictures from both inaugurations of the densest areas is worthless for comparison (and not very interesting news). It's the dissimilarities that are interesting.

But you obviously agree with that because you allowed that the 2017 was much lower. Given that you believe that I'd be interested to hear your take on Spicer's statement.

dinthebeast said...

Remember that Trump hired people from a movie extra company to cheer for him at his campaign announcement, it kinda seems like he really needs to be cheered on.

-Doug in Oakland