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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Save Yer Breath, Miss Lindsey

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Tuesday called on President Trump to stop claiming voter fraud cost him the popular vote in the 2016 election.

Graham implored Trump to admit that there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in his election and that those who voted did so legally.
Never going to happen. Trump is continuing to spread this lie because otherwise, he's have to face the fact that he lost the popular vote by nearly three million, which was a historic loss in that regard. No president who was elected ever lost the popular vote by such a huge margin.

But acknowledging the truth of that would mean that Trump would have to admit that he was a loser, even if the loss was essentially inconsequential. Admitting that he lost at anything, from a game of tiddly-winks on up, is totally against his personality.

So he'll continue to spread his lies because, he is, at his core, the same short-fingered vulgarian and con man that he was labeled over 30 years ago.

UPDATE: Spicer the Liar is defending Trump's lies.

Let's recap, shall we? The dominant stories in the press for the last several days have been Trump lied about his crowd size, three times as many people showed up to protest Trump than did to support him (and watch him get sworn in) and now Trump is lying about voter fraud. And his Duty Liar is lying about conflicts of interest. If "Baghdad Bob" Spicer doesn't like being called a liar, then he can stop lying.

Also, Trump's picking a fight with China. While he's lying to the American people, he's working on starting a war with a nuclear power.

Good first week.


BobabaJones said...

On the popular vote, Clinton did have 3 million more votes than Trump, but there were also 7 million votes for "Other," so in total Trump lost by 10 million popular votes. Saying he lost by 3 million doesn't even tell the half of it.


3383 said...

China is the nation picking a fight- or trying to bluff.

If the P.I. hadn't elected their own tool, we woud likely be supporting them develop the Spratlys or something.

dinthebeast said...

Trump is testing the reprogrammability of his voters. If they, as he believes they will, believe anything he tells them to, no matter how preposterously, demonstrably, here-are-the-pictures-to-prove-it wrong, then facts lose some of their power over the only thing he cares about: his re-election.
If they're gonna vote for him no matter how much he lies, why does he need to bother with the truth?
And as long as the congress is Republican controlled and terrified of having those voters turn on them for going against Dear Leader, who will hold him to account?
If there was a hell, Roy Cohn would be there right now, laughing his slimy ass off.

-Doug in Oakland

w3ski said...

Causing tensions with China, Inciting the Arab world by still wanting to "take the oil". Possible criminal charges due to conflicts of interest.
It surely does look gloomy out there.
Terrible thing to that our laws only seem to be for Democrats, and the other side is 'unbound' by our law?
"look at what you did now Ollie"
Just trying to keep my head down for now.