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Monday, January 30, 2017

News Sources


I don't see CBS News or Politico on the graphic.


B said...

That graphic is skewed. It shows CNN, NBC, ABC and the New York Times as centrist and unbiased.

Not so.

And no news is unbiased anymore. Fox is right, most of the rest is left. I consider the above named "news" media to be partisan Left.

They don't report "news", they report "slant.... Bordering on that so called "fake News". Not only in politics, either.

Anonymous said...

Reuters is solid. I have an on again/off again relationship with the Economist. I would have said they skew left a little. The BBC has faded some in my estimation and they got fooled by faux news piece once recently. It wasn't a big one, but they got fooled. I have a friend that posts the solid stuff from the NYT, Atlantic and WaPo. Bloomberg is solid in the geo-political forecasting community.

3383 said...

NYT and NPR are center?

dinthebeast said...

News services have long since (since they started having to make their own money) become like getting news from regular people. You have to consider the source carefully, but you can usually get some information from them, even if it's not the information they are trying to peddle.

-Doug in Oakland

JEG43 said...

NPR slid toward the right some time ago.