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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Dear Chicago: Just Lie Down and Lose; 2nd Amendment Edition

The City of Chicago is continuing its expensive rear-guard action to try and keep shooting ranges out of the city. That is, shooting ranges that are open to the public. There are ranges that are in use by the Chicago cops and by private security companies, which the city admitted to, and which would not conform to the extremely restricted zoning that the city wanted to slap on public ranges. The city also wanted to forbid teenagers from shooting on the ranges, even though the city's own witness admitted to being to taught to shoot a rifle at age 12.

The 7th Circuit wasn't having any of it.

At this point, a rational entity would stop spending tens, if not hundreds of killobucks on legal fees and get with the program. But since Chicago can afford to spend over half-a-billion dollars in damages to people that their cops have beaten, tortured, imprisoned and killed, this is probably chump change to them.

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1 comment:

B said...

There is something about Illinois politicians in general, and Chicago in particular that makes 'em fear guns.... Unreasonably. They will do anything to hinder the average citizen from possessing or knowing how to operate 'em. (Criminals, they don't care about, apparently)

And hey, it isn't like they are spending THEIR money. It is the taxpayers money that they are spending. (and at that, it is a HUGE deficit...no chance it will ever be repaid...so who cares?)