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Friday, December 2, 2016

Stocking With Swamp Creatures

Trump is picking banksters and other vermin for his administration. Putting "The Foreclosure King" in charge of the Treasury Department is akin to putting the head of a drug cartel in charge of the DEA.

The most interesting appointment is Wilbur Ross, the "king of bankruptcy", as the Commerce Secretary. Ross's knack was making money from companies that were in trouble, while Trump made his money by setting up companies and running them into the ground. So in a way, they complement each other.

So far, I have yet to note a single appointment of anyone who has a track record of sticking up for the working stiffs of America. Between a troll who wants to set fire to what's left of the social safety net and banksters, Trump's picks sound more like hiring the firm of Kyd, Teach and Roberts to defend the sea lanes.


CenterPuke88 said...

Too bad the story doesn't mention Mnuchin's foreclosure on a 90 year-old Florida lady who was $0.27 behind on her reverse mortgage! That just highlights the depravity of the industry.

Marc said...

To borrow a line from a certain show; "I said I was going to feed you. I just didn't say what I was going to feed you to..."

Joe said...

Robert Bateman is optimistic about Gen. Mattis. Well worth reading.

Tod Germanica said...

And I thought Eric (Place) Holder was weak. John Bolton? Really? Let the misfits and grifters gather.