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Monday, December 19, 2016

We're Not "Fixing" the Electoral College. Get Over It.

It's probably an open secret that the Electoral College was really created to give outsized voting power to slave-holding states. And maybe the President should be chosen by majority vote.

But it's not going to change. A change would require amending the Constitution, which takes the approval of the legislatures of 38 states (3/4th). If the Electoral College was eliminated, future elections would be fought in places where most people live.

Which means that you'd have to get a hell of a lot of states to agree to a change that would ensure that, come the general election, nobody would ever give a shit about their issues.

It's not changing in my lifetime. Or yours.


B said...

And thank God for that.

deadstick said...

We "fixed the Electoral College" long ago, in the sense that the vet fixes your cat. What we have now needs a new name, because its original form is now demonstrably dead.