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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Are Republican Ass-Clowns Suffering From Amnesia?

Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) on Wednesday questioned the point of investigating Russia’s interference in the presidential election.

Asked by CNN “New Day" host Alisyn Camerota whether the Kremlin "meddled" in the 2016 race, Collins replied: “I suppose we’ll never know. If we want to stipulate they did as far as hacking and releasing emails, if you want to stipulate that, that’s fine.

“I don’t think we should continue investigations, because at the end, what do we really accomplish? There’s nothing we can do to change it. We need to unite the country. People who are calling Mr. [President-elect Donald] Trump the ‘Electoral College president,’ you know, that’s insulting to our democracy.”
Even now, a few GOP jackassess haven't given up on the idea that President Obama wasn't eligible to be president. Donald Fucking Trump was a leader of that effort to delegitimize President Obama.

The Republican birthers ginned up a fact-free controversy, based largely on racism. There was no uniting behind President Obama for the good of the country. In point of fact, the GOP pretty much declared war on him on the evening of January 20th, 2009.

What we have is that the Russians, under the personal direction of Vladimir Putin and with the de facto connivance of the FBI, interfered in our election. That interference was egged on by Donald Trump.

Unite behind Trump? No fucking way.


Nangleator said...

I sort of wish Obama would comey out a message that Russia actually HELPED Clinton and the Democrats during the election. The perpetual anger motion machine of the Republicans would then launch every last effort in the country, no expenses spared, to rooting out the full truth of every influence on every last vote.

Oblio said...

I could not agree more.http://gortnation.blogspot.com/2016/11/a-clear-and-present-danger.html

w3ski said...

It would be very sweet, in spite of the riots that would happen, to see tRump thrown out of Office and perhaps even go straight to jail. The Treason angle seems to be the best bet so far despite all the other criminal things he has done.
To do anything however would require at least a competent News organization and probably require an intelligent and law abiding Congress.
Neither of which do we have.
What ever happened to the 'National' disgust for anything "Red"? They are here now, and we don't seem to give a shit anymore.
I want my country back

CenterPuke88 said...

Republican voters net approval rating for Vlad is now -10, up from -53 in July and as low as -66 last year (37% of Republicans approved of Vlad recently). In related fun facts, tRump voters, as a group, have a 2-3% LESS favorable view of Vlad than Republicans as a whole. The mind boggles.

bearsense said...

I don't refer to Kim Il Don as the Electoral College president. I don't refer to him a "president" at all.

dinthebeast said...

I'm sure Nixon didn't see the point in investigating his DNC break in either.
And according to PPP, Trump voters don't want him to release his taxes, meaning they don't care what he did, meaning he will never face pressure from his voters to behave ethically or legally. So the only chance at holding him to account for anything at all are the various mechanisms of oversight which fall mainly to congress, the way I understand it.
So in my humble opinion, Rep. Collins can take his apologia and scatter it to the wind...

-Doug in Oakland

3383 said...

The Russians aren't commies anymore, they're oligarchs.

They are what Trump and many monied 1%ers aspire to.

Including HRC.