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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Rogue One

I give it a solid "Meh."

First off, I have some qualms about digitally digging up Peter Cushing, who has been dead for two decades, and using his likeness for the movie.

Second, as I watched the movie, I kept wondering just what the big deal was. It did close the original question of why the Death Star had such a flaw built into it.

It seemed formulaic and overdone. And there were a few things, such as an iris-type hatch that was slamming open and shut, that seemed like something cheesy out of Galaxy Quest.

OK, so Lucasfilm and the Mouse printed money from this one. By Hollywood standards, that's all the reason needed.

But the original Star Wars movie was both a damn fine movie and it was fun to watch. Lucas and the others have been trying to recapture that lightning ever since. While Rogue One is nowhere near as sucky as The Phantom Menace, it's more of a tribute to CGI than anything else.

Bottom line: Unless you're a dedicated Star Wars fan, you may want to wait for it to come out on cable.

Also: They're remaking The Mummy with that lift-wearing midget. From the trailer, it does not appear to be anywhere near as enjoyable as the 1999 version.


Keaaukane said...

Not as sucky as Phantom Menace is a pretty low bar to step over.

Eck! said...

Well picking on Galaxy Guest was unfair. Why it was a collection of all the schick, schlock, and sight gags from most if no all of the SiFi realm and it laughed at
them all.

What was a surprise is after galaxy quest they went did the iris thing.
Ya just have to laugh. And remember its not science, its science fiction.


deadstick said...

Yeah, I understand there are still people who go to movie theaters. Hell, SWMBO and I did when Skyfall came out, to commemorate going to the first Bond movie together 50 years before...haven't done it since. And that was at a dinner theater.

Big screen, comfy chair, feet don't stick to the floor, no loudmouths, pause button & crapper, food at grocery prices, drinks at liquor store prices, and did I mention that this is Colorado ?