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Friday, December 23, 2016

Well, It's Going to Be an Interesting Four Years

(Or fewer)

Starting a nuclear arms race
. Trade wars with China.

Trump's new trade advisor, Peter Navarro, has called upon American consumers to boycott Chinese goods. Which pretty much most everything Wal-Mart and Target sell, other than groceries. Trump's billionaire class, the oligarchy, has been more than complicit in the hollowing out of the American industrial base. Why would Trump want to spark a trade war with the very country that has enriched his buddies?

And to what end? In a conventional war, the Chinese may be able to soak up the losses from American airpower and still prevail.

Anyone contemplating a nuclear war has mush for brains.


CenterPuke88 said...

Wondering just how the U.S. and China would conduct a war. The U.S. carriers would be insufficient, and likely taken out (possibly even by nukes) if they tried to strike the Chinese mainland because of the constrained sea lanes; the distances involved and defenses make an airwar with land-based forces alone seem impractical; an amphibious assault by either side would likely be a complete disaster, and China lacks the ships anyway. It seems a land war would be the answer, utilizing allies to provide access and bases. But this sounds like a terrible idea for the U.S., as Chinese quantity is likely to prevail no matter the quality.

So, who do, we have nearby to both who can fill that role? Enter Russia...

dinthebeast said...

Yahoo news called it an "arms race kerfuffle."

-Doug in Oakland