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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

But Still No Kodachrome?

According to this book, analog is cool again.

Tam was an early adopter.

The real indicator of a resurgence of analog would be if Kodachrome slide film came back. Which I'm not going to bet on.


Stewart Dean said...

I shoot a Canon 5d S R, which, at 55 megapixels, is currently one of the highest resolution DSLRs; it approaches Hasselblad clarity, witness this image:
Click your mouse to enlarge it.

I also shoot analog, 8"x10" color slide film, with the sort of equipment used by Ansel Adams. And the resolution and tonal subtlety must be seen to be believed/understood: it has a mescaline God's eye clarity and detail....but then that analog media has a resolution I estimate at *750* megapixels, something like 15 times my Canon. You can see it here:

BTW, even Ektachrome is gone in this size, has been for a while. I'm shooting Fujichrome. Alas, when I can afford it, because 20 sheets costs $250, developing is $10 a sheet. And then...well, *nobody* does analog enlarging anymore, so then it has to be digitized before it can go *anywhere*. Digitization for an 8x10 chrome runs between $50-$200, depending on how finely you want it resolved. Then the prints.........

But. I have had prints made of much of my work enlarged to 4 foot by 5 foot...and you know what? That's the same degree of enlargement as taking a 35mm slide and enlarging it to 8"x10"...hardly any enlargement at all. You can count the trees across the valley, see the water beading on grass stems, *feel* the texture of rock.

CenterPuke88 said...

IDK, couple of kid I know have gotten new Polaroid Land Cameras recently. The film is crazy expensive, but it's hip...

Comrade Misfit said...

Stewart, those are stunning.