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Friday, December 16, 2016

Aviation Oddity- Cessna Edition

Cessna has scrapped its inventory of 162 Skycatchers. According to the article, Cessna delivered 188 of them by the end of 2012. Wikipedia says that 192 were delivered.

Yet, according to the Federales, there are 269 of them. Some of the discrepancy may be that there are 74 of them with registrations in Kansas and of those, 62 are registered to Cessna. As far as I can tell, from scanning the owner registries, Cessna has 69 162s registered to them.

It still was an expensive crump for Cessna. At one point, Cessna claimed that they had a thousand orders. But there were a boatload of other LSA companies that made airplanes that were and are much cheaper and often nicer, as well.

This one may be in the "do want" category:

With a full-fuel useful load of 225lbs, it's pretty much a single-seater.

It's a skosh over 117K Euros, or $123,000. But hey, a girl can dream.


CenterPuke88 said...

Worked a C162 quite a few times, but only 2 different tail numbers. One keeps blatting back and forth from the Dallas area to the Hot Springs/Little Rock area. The other popped out for some airwork once and hasn't been seen since. Crappy radio.

deadstick said...

There's another interesting pseudo-warbird homebuilt called the Prowler: it has an automotive V-8 and looks like a P-51, P-40 or Spitfire depending on viewing angle. I saw one at Reno back in the 80's when it was introduced, but kits didn't make it into production. Now they're trying to revive it, but who knows...

Nangleator said...

Never heard of the Skycatcher. After a quick look at google images, I can tell what they wanted to produce. Pretty on the outside.

The interior shots, probably taken only by Cessna, made me burst into laughter. The panel looks four times more expensive than the aircraft itself.

Looks like fitting a satellite radio sound system into a little red wagon.