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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy Hanukkah

Hanukkah or Chanukah, or however you want to spell it, begins at sundown today.

So here is the obligatory video from Adam Sandler:

Hanukkha is not exactly a major Jewish holiday.* In most of the rest of the world, it's not really remarked upon. But it's celebrated in America, mainly as a holiday for the children so they can participate, if only in a small way, in the orgy of consumerism and greed that has become Christmas.
*If you look closely at most Jewish holidays, including Passover, the recurrent theme is "those motherfuckers tried to kill us back in the day, but we're still here and they ain't."


deadstick said...

Well, happy Hanukkah anyway, eb. Any holiday that celebrates fuel efficiency is OK with me.

jurassicpork said...

I thought Hanukkah began on Christmas morning this year. Oh well. I'm a pagan. What do I know?

On the home front:

Mrs. JP and I are in a very bad way this Christmas season. I’ve made an appeal at Welcome Back to Pottersville for assistance and I’ve also included a special book gift offer for those who chip in beyond a certain amount.

JFM said...

I thought the summation of Jewish holidays was, "They tried to kill us, we survived, let's eat!"

Comrade Misfit said...

JFM, true for most of the holidays.